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Update -
now has word wrap, and automatically scrolls the page up when you type past its page end,so your latest typing is always visible.

LiLi-font, will try to integrate in to LiLi-pad somehow.

Yes I feel the same, I like learning for fun :)
You are doing difficult things with yaml.

Sometimes its easier to learn when doing for fun..  :027:
Definitely versus having to meet a deadline...

Yeah, I use yaml in automation/devops apps mostly..


--- Quote from: firenice03 on March 29, 2021, 08:44:56 AM ---
--- Quote from: Jerry on March 29, 2021, 04:24:00 AM ---Just take your time, have fun with it, there's no pressure to learn or add features. Proceed as you desire.

--- End quote ---

Nice job @bitsnpcs  :045:   :54:

Wish I had time to designate to learning python/perl...
Been in ruby and yaml for a bit, still figuring that all out lol....

--- End quote ---

Thank you @firenice03  :)
I hadn't heard of yaml, I had to look up what it meant. I have heard of Ruby but I do not know anything about it either.


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