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@Homework glad to pass the help along, @torreydale recommended to me.
I also use darker theme, is called monokai-extended. I find the coloured codes very helpful too :)
Great work, keep up your lessons ;)

@bitsnpcs Yes, I've been using gedit for 2 lessons now and the coloured codes are very useful in helping me to differentiate between the texts. I've chosen a darker colour scheme on gedit so it's easier on my eyes. Thanks very much for the recommendation! :D

@bitsnpcs is correct.  I don't think Leafpad, the default text editor, is going to be sufficient for coding.  Gedit or Geany (if you need column mode) are going to be better for you.

Do you find gedit okay for your needs ?

@torreydale told me about gedit

You can use custom templates, I use one, it helped me to like the gedit a lot more as the colours were easier for me, @LL-user  showed me how to install it in this thread

Just realised I made a mistake with the codes while I was re-watching the tutorial and trying out gedit.
The erroneous code:

--- Code: ---Name myName = new Name("Cookie" + "Monster" + "Jr");
--- End code ---

The correct code:

--- Code: ---Name myName = new Name("Cookie", "Monster", "Jr");
--- End code ---

Programming really puts attention to details to the test.
Thank you to everyone who responded and mulled over this issue (when it's due to my carelessness, sorry!!).


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