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Learning Java Programming on Linux

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I don't know how to write Java, have you tried changing -

--- Code: ---last;}
--- End code ---
change to 

--- Code: ---last};
--- End code ---

Hello, I'm new to Linux Lite OS and programming.
At the moment, I'm learning Java programming from a course at Udemy and I've encountered a problem with empty spaces in outputs.

Here's part of the codes:

--- Code: ---public String toString()   
        return first + " " + middle + " " + last;   

Name myName = new Name("Cookie" + "Monster" + "Jr");
System.out.println("myName: " + myName.toString());
--- End code ---

Then I compiled the codes and here's what it's shown on the Terminal:

--- Code: ---mei@mei-Aspire-4750:~/Documents/java$ javac
mei@mei-Aspire-4750:~/Documents/java$ javac
mei@mei-Aspire-4750:~/Documents/java$ java NameTest
myName:   CookieMonsterJr
--- End code ---

All the spaces are appearing right before the name. I'm using Linux's Text Editor. Could this the reason why the codes are not working properly?


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