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I know this topic is old.
Here a word from a Pascal developer (for hobby, I program in C# and SQL as system developer).
Lazarus 1.6 runs fine on Linux Lite. I had a issue with ibus and my keyboard settings.
Single and double quotes didn't work.
Reinstalled ibus-gtk and ibus-gtk2 and selected US european style keyboard with euro sign and the problem was solved.

Lazarus is a great rapid application development tool!

I have written in Delphi for a few years now, but only on windows. I have tried lazarus on linux but haven't done anything of usefulness. If you need help with with Delphi/Pascal feel free to ask but as for file systems ect.. on linux machine I might not be able to help you as much as I could with Windows code.

I want written a Whisker type menu with a few twists in lazarus so it will compile for Linux and Windows.

Once the basics are done I expect to be able to tweak it myself, I just can't do original code, I have done a bit in Visual Basic but my two pages of if's etc coding generally gets rewritten to a few short paragraphs by a real coder.

It will be a working prototype for Ikey Docherty as he wants to separate the menu from the panel, who knows he might continue developing it or rewrite it in java/javascript or in html5.

I just want to demonstate my ideas to him he's already put a few of my ideas into his panel.

The desktop is the main menu and it has'nt changed/evolved in any significant way since win95

This guy's into material design


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