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displaying a monthly calendar


Hello once again DeepThought
I shall definitely take onboard your suggestion using initials on scripts to avoid conflicts.Big thanks

No probs :)

A little tip when writing your own scripts, add my or even your own initials to a script, avoids conflicts with default scripts already in place. So or in my case should be ok :)

Should have thought that it was a module because i did check the Python reserved word list but didn't think of checking Python modules. Big thanks for the help DeepThought it really was appreciated.

Python has a module called so you can't use the same name for your own script :)

[EDIT] A list of Python modules can be found here:

I came across a Python 3 tutorial for displaying a monthly calendar and it worked a treat from the command-line but for some reason it would not work after i added the Python shebang
--- Code: ---#!/usr/bin/env python 3.6.
--- End code ---
Instead it would produce a load of errors. Have since been informed that i had to change the file name from to and once again it worked a treat.
Still cannot work it out why the program didn't work because 'calendar' is not a reserved word? 


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