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there is a free online course for beginning with Python at Codecademy.
It is done using their online editor.

Hi Bitsnpcs,
So, did you register? Are you going to take the course?

Hello Scott,

yes I registered there a while ago and have completed several other courses they do.

Yes I have begun the Python course.

Are you going to register and do the course or do you already know Python ?

It is possible to write your own course on there, or to write codebits which are standalone projects for others to practice and improve on things they have learned on a course.

 8) Way to go!

I am registered at Codecademy and their stuff is really nice but I think I'll leave the programming stuff for other people. Just don't enjoy it enought to pursue it but keep doing what you're doing because I'm sure Valtam could use another programmer on the tream.

I like their stuff too, it's a really good way to learn.

I am unsure what/where I will need to learn when I get to the stage of completing the beginner course to be of use to Valtam and the team.
I would like to help as soon as I am able enough :)


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