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You're welcome :)

Regarding gedit (I'm also using more and more instead of leafpad), sorry I don't get your question.
Here is some general info in the hope it provides you some answer. Otherwise let us know :)

[1] Syntax highlighting

gedit provides syntax highlighting for a wide range of markup, programming, and scientific languages. If gedit recognizes the syntax being used when you open a file, it will automatically highlight the text.

If your syntax or language is not highlighted upon startup, you can select the appropriate syntax or language by clicking View ▸ Highlight Mode, and then choosing the desired syntax. Alternately, you can select the syntax name from a list at the bottom of the gedit window.

[2] How do I add a syntax highlighter format to Gedit?

[3] Create a custom syntax highlight in gedit

Hope that helps :)

Hello LL-user,
Thank you  :)

At the base of Gedit it has a menu, by default it reads "Plain text", are these colours a guideline set for the chosen input, or are they specific to the one chosen, eg; I want to use the colours for CSS setting on this theme for Python.

Hi bitsnpcs,

If you have a look at the ownership and permissions of the folder you want to write to, you'll see it's owned by root (the Linux name for the administrator) and only root has write permission. Therefore the menu option for paste is greyed out for any other user.

If you would like to copy/move the files there with your file manager, right click on the folder and choose "Open as Administrator".

Via command line:

--- Code: ---sudo cp -va monokai-exteded /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0/styles/
--- End code ---
assuming you run this command within the folder monokai-exteded is located in. Otherwise you need to hand over the path.

Hope that helps :)

I will save your instructions until I get used to doing this. :)

I have tried to install a theme "monokai-exteded" by adding it to this folder using copy/paste

When I right click inside the folder the menu option for paste is greyed out, how do I change this so I can add the theme ?
Will the theme still work if I change its filename before moving it has missing n.

You don't need to download Python, by the way.  It is already installed with Linux Lite and most Unix based operating systems by default, including Mac.  All you have to do in Linux Lite is open a terminal and type in the word "python," and you'll be in the Python interpreter.  To run a python program, you type in python and the filename, eg. python  You have to be sure you either include the full directory path of the file or that you're running the command from the directory where that file resides.


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