This is a very exciting time in Linux Lite development. We are in the process of producing custom, free software for Linux Lite. Our philosophy is minimal code, minimal design and minimal dependency. Our applications should be clean, fast and simple. Intelligent, well thought out design with great attention to detail. We use the GPL v2.




Our target audience are Windows users. We want to show people that a linux based operating system can:


1. Be simple to use.

2. Look good.


Following qualities and abilities we are looking for:

- People who are open minded.

- You desire to share knowledge with others.

- You think in terms of how software will benefit others.

- You don't let your own personal tastes influence your design and feature work.

- Have the ability to visualise in your head the end product and how users will interact with our software.

- Passionate about winning over Windows users to linux.

- Can work as part of a team.

- Can code in either: python, bash, zenity, yad. Other languages are welcome (just no java)

- You should already have some code and or software that we can look at.

Please don't volunteer if you:

- Are egotistical.

- Have an elitist attitude or mindset.

- Consider only how to benefit yourself.

- Believe that your way is the only way.

- Can't take constructive criticism.

How we produce software

Our approach like everything else in Linux Lite is simple.

We write our code > collaborate and share it on github > test it thoroughly > package it into one .deb file for both architectures > test it thoroughly as a .deb > deploy it to our repos. Example package name: liteinfo_<version>_linuxlite.deb would be liteinfo_1.0-0010_linuxlite.deb next version liteinfo_1.0-0020_linuxlite.deb and so on.


Github -

License - GPLv 2

Development Team

Jerry Bezencon - Lead Project Manager: Design Chief, Repository Maintainer, Developer, Packager

Johnathan Jenkins - Developer, Maintainer, Packager

Brian Tomlinson - Developer, Maintainer

Adam Grubbs - Contributor

Test Repository

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 6C326F1C

sudo leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

deb /

Save and close the file.

sudo apt-get update

Packages available: lite-user-manager, lite-software-center, lite-info (for Linux Lite 1.0.8 only)


To remove the key and repository

sudo apt-key del 6C326F1C

sudo leafpad /etc/apt/sources.list

remove the line: deb /

Save and close the file.

sudo apt-get update

Ready to join the team? Contact us here.


26th February, 2014 - Lite User Manager gets updated, new repos added

We've updated Lite User Manager with the Groups now showing in alphabetical order so they're easier to find, plus simpler labelling and updated information across all the tabs. We're also starting to push all of our new development to github. Check out the new repos.

4th February, 2014 - Lite Info Tool

We've developed a simple new application that helps us to help you. Open up a terminal and type 'lite' without the quotes and choose from a list of options. Example, typing in: gpu will open up your default web browser with information about you video card. It will also copy the url into the clipboard for easy pasting into IRC or a Forum support thread. It will also give you a desktop notification.

21st December, 2013 - Lite Software Center

We have ported the Lubuntu Software Center to Linux Lite. The Lite Software Center is extremely light and fast. We hope to include this in 1.0.8 under Install Additional Software. The Lite Software Center is currently undergoing testing.

5th September, 2013 - Help and Support Manual

Currently to get the latest version of the Help and Support Manual, we've built a script into Install Updates. This method fetches the latest Manual from Github, unpacks it, overwrites the existing Manual.
In the future that will change. We have been testing a .deb packaged version the Manual with good success and in future releases, the Manual will be a part the Linux Lite repo containing all our custom software. The most noticable part of this implementaion will be that the updates process will finish a lot quicker.


Linux Lite User Manager - lite-user-manager

Linux Lite Software Center - lite-software-center

Lite User Manager:



Linux Lite Software Center:

linux lite software center

Due in next version of Linux Lite (2.0)



Check out our github for more information on these projects.

Future project ideas

lite-time: A date and time utility for Linux Lite.


To come.

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